New Product Lookup and Query Form

  This page gives you a quick way to look up products and send us a message asking about availability and pricing. It is designed to be a "virtual" train store where business is done informally by conversation -not just by putting things in a "cart" and hoping for the best. If you are an existing customer, you know how we operate. If not, you're in for a refreshing experience!

AT LEFT is a list of links to many of the manufacturers' products we stock or can get for you. Clicking the link will open their web sites right here. You may browse exactly as you would if you went to the website yourself.

Use this to find the stock or model numbers, SKU's etc., of products you want to order or for which you would like a quote.

Also explore the offerings of vendors which might be new to you, to see what they offer.

Note that we may not be able to obtain all items from every company all the time. Stocking levels change, items are discontinued and other factors affect availability.

One more thing - some pages are S-L-O-W to load - give 'em time.

BELOW: Use the message area below to send us an order or ask about pricing and availability, tell us what other manufacturers you would like to see us carry, or anything else! We love "how to" questions - send 'em!

Use the box below the message area for your email address, so we know where to reply.

You will notice we do NOT ask for your actual name. That's because your identity is YOUR business, not ours. So, if you would like to identify yourself, just include a name in the message area.

If asking for more information about specific products, be sure to include manufacturer name as it appears at left, stock or other identifying number, and brief description, so we can find the item(s) you're asking about. (Example "Xacto #211 blades, please quote 5 packs").

You can click the "Instructions" link above left at any time to see these instructions.