In case you didn't know. BLMA is out of business.

No, really.

So, their very excellent models are about to become extinct. That's too bad, because they produced some really top shelf stuff.

We have been fortunate enough to acquire some of their stock which, without doubt, will only increase in value with the passage of time.

But, forget about investment value, for now, and just consider operational and appearance value. HUGE.

Prototypical models of eye-catching rolling stock, including the famed Tropicana reefers which still run today!

Here are the details about the details.

For the Tropicana cars:

  • Ready-To-Run
  • 64’ Reefer Stand-In
  • Fine-Scale Detail
  • 100-Ton Trucks
  • 36" Metal Wheels
  • Kadee #156 Couplers (HO)
  • Various Road Numbers available

For the BNSF Beer Cars:

  • Ready-To-Run
  • Injection-Molded Plastic
  • Fine-Scale Detail
  • Separately Applied Wire Grab Irons
  • Separately Applied Wire Cut Levers
  • Etched-Metal Brake Wheel Platforms
  • Crisp Painting/Printing
  • Kadee® #58 Scale Couplers
  • Various road numbers available

Email us at, or call (540) 846-6206.

NOW, here is what we have:


Retail: $44.95 / Our price: $36.00 +  shipping
BNSF Beer Cars

Retail: $42.95 / Our price: $33.00 +  shipping

Want some of these? Be in touch with us -soon.

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